I just had a fun idea

Let us say that there is a serial killer running lose in another part of the country. Now, no one who matters to you is in any danger from this person, they have the wrong body type for example. But you hear that a bunch of wiccans (damn their eyes) are doing spellwork to help the constabulary catch the killer and interfere with his holy work, as well as your fun in reading about it.

Now, would it not be fun to use psionics to grab that energy the wiccans are putting out and place it in a thoughtform designed to protect the killer from being discovered?

Just think about it. The wiccans are casting spell after spell and each time they do the thoughtform gets stronger and stronger (kind of like the thoughtform I created to grab the energy of the prayers my deranged ex-girlfriend would say against me and then used them to power my attacks on her), the police keep getting more and more confused, the public in the affected area keeps getting more and more nervous while becoming more and more angry at the incompetence of the police and the killer keeps having fun as well as removing various pieces of surplus population.

It’s just so much fun being the bad guy.

One Response to “I just had a fun idea”

  1. Guglielmo Fasamallazza Sollo Says:

    Ahahahahha Uncle Chuckie, you’re a genius ;)!!!

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