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The Day Chuck Became a Cannibal!


In the spring of 1978 I was hanging out at the Theosophical Society in Wheaton, Illinois and one afternoon I was talking to the young woman who was running the information desk, and upon whom I was entertaining serious lustful thoughts about her body. Anyway, we were talking about meat eating and she was rather disturbed to learn that I am a devout carnivore. Oh well, so much for the lustful thoughts about that young body.

Anyway, the discussion got a little heated and I was having great fun at her discomfort when the phone rang and as luck would have it, the person on the other end was some nut from Wheaton College (the place Billy Graham went to) asking the usual idiot question about if it was true that Theosophists sacrificed babies. Well, the poor girl was totally frazzled from talking to me and snapped, “NO! But we have one member who would eat them!”

Well, if properly cooked I would consider it.

And then as she slammed down the phone she got this wonderful, “Oh Blavatsky! What have I done?” look on her face as I beamed. Because I was going to have fun with this!

And Chuck became a cannibal, something Uncle Chuckie continues to this very day. I went home and immediately typed out a small cookbook with recipes for roast infant. It was great fun and did wonders for my public image.

The things you can make people believe!


Damn, it’s been a while.


Ok, my fault, I got preoccupied. So here is a useful little gem.

You will need one radionic box.

One picture of Mecca.

One picture of a hog.

Now, we will use these to show our respect for Islam, or rather to show Islam the respect it deserves.

Take the photo of the hog and place it on the transmittal plate of the radionic box. Some systems call this the trend. Take a rate for the hog, or rather the hogness of the hog.

Now put the photo of Mecca on the receiver, or target plate.

Let the machine run.