Damn, it’s been a while.

Ok, my fault, I got preoccupied. So here is a useful little gem.

You will need one radionic box.

One picture of Mecca.

One picture of a hog.

Now, we will use these to show our respect for Islam, or rather to show Islam the respect it deserves.

Take the photo of the hog and place it on the transmittal plate of the radionic box. Some systems call this the trend. Take a rate for the hog, or rather the hogness of the hog.

Now put the photo of Mecca on the receiver, or target plate.

Let the machine run.

6 Responses to “Damn, it’s been a while.”

  1. Maria Says:

    Excellent, Uncle Chuckie! On the transmittal plate I ALSO have put a small ampoulle with my menstrual blood, since those islamic animals torture and hate women, and fanatically teach that the menstrual blood is the dirtiest thing! Please, every Uncle Chuckie´s students should unite in this noble effort, and notify this blog.

  2. prof.hex Says:

    Could I just use a picture of Z Budapest, as she is both a hog and bloody vaginal discharge?

  3. andytremble Says:

    Kinda’ prefer the ol’ picture of mecca with a big, red “no” symbol around it and a load of personal hatred on the input plate, and a satellite image of my country of birth on the output plate. It’s one things for us to put pigs in their minds, but yet another to ensure the pigs themselves aren’t welcome in my neighbourhoodl.

    For once, I just don’t care that I’m posting this under my real name.

  4. heckster Says:

    That is so great! Now let’s do it with Israel!

  5. Kittypie070 Says:

    Those poor fools will even freak out over FAKE blood.
    Poor poor fools. I could pity them. And indeed, let us not be neglectful of the Land Full of Holes [Holey, yep], a land where
    the innocent blood of ancient cities has soaked into the earth
    and blown in the dust for eons.

    Alas, poor fools.

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