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Time For Some More Fun


First, let me say I accept the sacrifice offered to me in Colorado and the souls of the departed are now properly imprisoned in a psionic field where their eternal torment will help to power my latest projects.


Now, for more fun. If we take all the boo hoo hoo energy this latest silliness has created, strip it of the emotion leaving only the raw energy, we can put that energy into a thoughtform attacking anyone who supports gun control.

This is one of those times when it is really fun to be a villain.


Global Warming, Global Strategy


Global warming is a good thing. It really is. Not only does it give us a hope for having shorter winters, it also means women will wear fewer clothes longer in the year.

Ok, so there are going to be some dislocation. We are going to have to create new breeds of corn to survive with less water and the general grain growing areas are going to be moving north, but that is not a big deal. We can grow lots of grain in Minnesota. The real benefit is going to be strategic.

We are going to get rid of the global south. I mean we are going to get rid of it. Global warming means no food or water for them. They die! Africa is going to stop being a problem for anyone. China won’t be able to feed itself. The Middle East will be depopulated as the water dries up. So if you think of global warming, think of it as a super weapon. And it is a weapon we are going to use.