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Ten Years Ago Today


August 18, 2002

My body decided that I had lived too long. At 1:30 in the afternoon Donna had to take me to the hospital. By that night I was so drugged on morphine I did not even know what planet I was on. The next day everything stopped working and I was in intensive care.

My gall bladder threw a stone. The pancreas decided that since it could not digest the stone it should digest itself.

This is something you are not supposed to survive.

Ten years before I would not have.

And thus began an epic battle between me and my body. Or rather between Donna and my body to keep me alive, while the doctors stood watching trying to figure out what to do.

For four months the battle raged back and forth. And in the end Donna won and I survived. I walked away from it, barely. But walk away from it I did.

Death and I squared off, we stared each other in the eye for four months. And Death blinked.


Farewell to the Fair


“We are getting too old for this!”

That is what Donna and I used to always say when we came home from a weekend night in Chicago as we climbed the stairs back to our apartment.

We are too old for this.

We went to the Wisconsin State Fair for what may be the last time yesterday. It was not fun. It was horrible. Neither of us is up to the walking anymore, Donna in particular, and between trying to move my own legs and keeping her upright as we moved from bench to bench the thing was a nightmare. The things we go to see are literally on the other side of the fairgrounds from where we have to arrive and by the time we got to the buildings we were too exhausted to do much of anything but find a place to sit. It was an expensive waste of time alleviated by one show of acrobat/dancers who were pretty good.

But the simple reality is that unless by next year we figure out a way to get to the exhibition halls without dying, (and no way am I getting on that overhead sky ride so don’t even suggest it) we are through with the fair.