Ten Years Ago Today

August 18, 2002

My body decided that I had lived too long. At 1:30 in the afternoon Donna had to take me to the hospital. By that night I was so drugged on morphine I did not even know what planet I was on. The next day everything stopped working and I was in intensive care.

My gall bladder threw a stone. The pancreas decided that since it could not digest the stone it should digest itself.

This is something you are not supposed to survive.

Ten years before I would not have.

And thus began an epic battle between me and my body. Or rather between Donna and my body to keep me alive, while the doctors stood watching trying to figure out what to do.

For four months the battle raged back and forth. And in the end Donna won and I survived. I walked away from it, barely. But walk away from it I did.

Death and I squared off, we stared each other in the eye for four months. And Death blinked.


2 Responses to “Ten Years Ago Today”

  1. William Bond Says:

    WOW! yes you are a very lucky man.

  2. Robert Says:

    They say it is the battles that makes us stronger,you are dam luckey to have someone who cares about you so much,That alone is priceless in this world…

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