Another Destroyer Day!

Yes, it is Destroyer Day again, the day we celebrate all the destructive powers of the universe, as well as the joy of being an energy vampire.

Destroyer Day reminds us that the opinions of others are not very important as long as we get to wear cool helmets and blow things up. Fortunately for us, psionics is not limited by time or space, so we can draw on the nuclear tests of the 1950s.

Bon appetit.

4 Responses to “Another Destroyer Day!”

  1. Robert Says:

    Actually it was Green Lanterns lack of intelligence that screwed him over all he had to do was use his ring to travel back in time and prevent the future from happening but then again Super heroes never were very brite…

    • drpsionic Says:

      DC comics had a functioning rule that said that no hero could change an event that happened. It make sense of course, if their characters could do that then they would have to explain how history would have been different.

      Of course it would be fun to have the villains go back in time to make sure that the bad things did happen.

  2. Rhoda Says:

    That yellow helmet looks kind of familiar. 🙂

    • Robert Says:

      He stilled lacked some brains all he had to do was use his ring to open black hole to another dimension under the chair and watch the invisible destroyer fall through, the invisible destroyer may have been immune to his ring but the floor wasn’t!!! Green Lantern would not last 10 minutes in a D&D world!!!

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