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This time it’s personal


It’s Columbus Day, and on this day every year we get the damned litany of how terrible it was that the continent was discovered and taken away from the poor, unfortunate, useless savages that encumbered it and used to build the greatest civilization the world has ever seen. Well, my family was part of those pioneers. My family fought the savages. My family helped take the land and turn it into something better than a game preserve for aborgines.

So this is personal. And here is my response to those foolish enough to think I would feel any guilt.

To my ancestors, my explorer and pioneer ancestors.

You who found this land, empty but for the infestation of the savages, you who carved an empire out of it, who took that which was worthless and empty and made of it a great civilization, you who fought to make that civilization.

I have spent the last few months preparing you for this. I have given you guns and tanks, and bombs and missles, all the great weapons of destruction we have created. And now, today, on this Day of the Discovery, I call upon you to use those weapons and finish what you began.

Let the savages be crushed again. Let their sacred places be bulldozed for roads, let their waterways be made polluted and useless, let the few lands left to them be built up and they be driven forth again. Let those who decry the greatness of what you did be ground into dust and their memory blotted from the earth. Let their words choke them in their throats. Let their offspring whither and be cursed to eternal Hell. Let it be as if they had never existed.

In the Name of Uncle Chuckie! Let them accursed with all the plagues that the earth is heir to. Let their spirits be accursed and shown to be as impotent as they were when you road the earth, trampling them under your horses hooves. Let destruction rain upon them!

And this time let the task be finished!