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No More News


Now that the election is over and my Republican friends are still crying in their beer, I have turned off the news again. I kept reading it for a bit after the election, but it was all the usual sour grapes and chest thumping, nothing of any interest or value and certainly nothing to waste time with. What I did enjoy was reading the social conservatives blogs as they contemplated a future where no one cares what they think about much of anything.

My blood pressure has already dropped back to normal.


Mother Ghoul


I know, it’s been a while and I’ve been recovering from the shock of the election wondering how the Republicans managed to take an election no one could lose and manage to lose it.

But this is not going to be about that. This is going to be about a ghoul, a real, formerly living, breathing ghoul–Mother Theresa.

Ok, it was always easy to make fun of Mother Theresa. Her incredible physical ugliness, her sucking up to every dictator and her gleeful sucking of the Papal dick made her a caricature of all that is hideous in the Catholic Church. We would not have been surprised to learn that she was raping her novices with a strap-on. Just from the physical world alone it is impossible to find words to describe how incredibily vile and despicable a human being she was, all the time hiding behind the mask of caring for the dying, and denying them medicine to make sure that they did die.

Because, you see, she was a ghoul. She kept herself alive by feeding off the final energies of the dying, the necrotic energy that defined her true being. It was important, all important to her, to make sure that the sick died, and died as painfully and lingeringly as possible, all the while being ministered to by the Holy Ghoul Mother Theresa and her little ghouls.

And they would wander the rows of beds, or what passed for beds in that abbatoir, that charnal house, sucking up the fear and the pain and feeding off it. Sickness and pain were their food.

And they will make her a saint and she will feed in the astral off the pain of those stupid enough to pray to her.

And they call this thing good.

I prefer evil. It is so much cleaner.