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Well, so much for retirement


Ok, I probably need my head examined and I know I’m going to regret this, but I’m going to start doing psionic services again. I’m just plain getting bored with sitting around thinking and I need something to keep my skills sharp.

Besides, I can always use the extra money.

So if anyone needs some help, just write me at I’m not going to be cheap, but what I do is good.


The Most Boring Christamas Ever


Damn it, things are dull. Nothing, nothing interesting is happening. If it had not been for that ridiculous school shooting a couple weeks ago and the even more ridiculous boo hoo hooing over it (is anyone really so idiotic as to think of a bunch of dead brats in Connecticut as a loss? The only good child is a cooked child with crabmeat stuffing.) there would have been nothing interesting this whole month.

I’ll be glad when the damned thing is over.

In the words of a wise old miser. BAH! HUMBUG!