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Martian In the Iron Mask Day


The year is really flying. It’s Martian in the Iron Mask Day again and it seems like it was just Christmas! Well, this year I’m going to be a little different and give you a little something from the Martian Mesmerist’s Bag of Dirty Tricks.

Now this is a fun little prank but it can have some very practical uses-making people itch.

We all know that if someone sees another person scratch, they develop an itch too. It’s some weird suggestion thing but let us say that you have a good friend who has gotten into some legal trouble. You know the person is innocent. It’s a good friend and you know that when he is court the jury is going to be confronted by the usual assemblage of lying bastards, the cops, the prosecutor, the witnesses for the prosecution, you can tell they are lying because their lips are moving.

Well, you are going to give your friend some help. Sit in the audience of the courtroom and when the prosecutor is giving his opening statements, just scratch a little, nothing ridiculous, just unobtrusively–scratch. It will make him itch and he will not be able to scratch himself so he will get a bit confused.

Then repeat this procedure with his witnesses. They will also be distracted and their testimony will become disjointed and not very believable. By the time it gets to the jury, the jurors will think the prosecution really blew it and will acquit your friend.

See, all it takes is a little suggestion and you don’t really even have to open your mouth.


Xotar Day is Come and Not Yet Gone


Ok, it took me a few minutes to figure out the new layout on WordPress because frankly I don’t give a damn about the stuff they live under the illusion that I would somehow care about.

But this is not about that.  This is about Xotar Day!

Ok, as all my loyal followers know, Xotar Day is in honor of a villain created by DC Comics to fight their never to be sufficiently damned Justice League of America.  (Anything in favor of justice is never to be sufficiently damned.  We don’t care about justice, we care about power.)  He is one of the characters that had a profound influence on Uncle Chuckie becoming Uncle Chuckie.

And this is a time for celebration, in spite of our dreadful weather.  Donna and I weathering what could have been total financial doom and the cushion keeps getting thicker.  And it is now a day over a week since we rid ourselves of the greatest mistake of my life, a dreadful person who schemed her way into our living room for two months and totally destroyed the peace of our lives until my radioncs was able to get her to move out.  So it is a good day to celebrate the Feast of the Four Weapons and make merry.  After all, snow melts.  And with Global Warming we can expect it to melt faster.