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In which Uncle Chuckie learns something


Ok, around a month ago I had a bright idea. Nothing new in that, I have lots of bright ideas. Anyway, I came up with the notion of charging a pen to be used as a psionic emitter, magick wand for the uninitiated. And it would be a simple thing to make, take an ordinary pen and charge the hell out of to act as a projector of the will of the person using it.

Simple, right?

No, simple wrong.

I offered to charge and sell these things for what is, actually, a rather cheap price considering the machine time in the charging. And I got some orders so I went to work charging the pens. And then disaster struck. The pens would not hold the charge! I mean I would test a pen with the pendulum right after charging and the pendulum would swing like crazy. Then a day later, the pendulum would hang as limp as the Pope’s middle appendage.

Oh boy, this was not good. After all, people have spent good money and they want their money’s worth.

So I sat and I pondered and I paced and I pondered and after a while hit on a solution. First create a thoughtform to make the pen hold the charge. Put that thoughtform into the pen. Then, after that is done and holding, redo the charge.

So after an embarrassingly long delay, the pens are finally getting done and should be on their way at the beginning of next week.

And my poor nerves need a rest.