Fun with Green Lantern

Back in the good old days, when Green Lantern liked women, he had this thing he did with a lamp and a ring. So of course your great wise and in all ways malevolent Uncle Chuckie figured that would be adaptable to psionic ends.

So let me refresh your memory. Green Lantern had this power ring, sort of like the one in the Ring Trilogy but without disgusting little hobbits running around make a mess of everything because as well know, hobbits are not potty trained. Only problem was this ring had to be charged every 24 hours or there would not be the plot device of the ring losing its charge. Oh and there was something about the color yellow, which meant it did not work on Europeans with spinal injuries.

Well, Hal Jordan would put on his Green Lantern outfit and stand before the charging device, a green lantern surprise surprise, and as the ring sucked power from the lantern would recite his little poem.

So how do we adapt this. Well, you will need to procure two things, without haggling. First a ring. Any ring will do. Second a lantern, easily available from any store that sells such things. You charge the lantern with a thoughtform that it will draw its power from the black hole at the center of the galaxy to charge your ring to enable to you do mischief. Then, having done that, you put on the ring, turn on the lantern, hold the ring to the lantern and recite:

In cloudy day and darkest night,
No goodness shall escape my sight.
Let those who believe justice has might
Be crushed by the power of this light.

All you need do now is practice visualizing the beam coming out of the ring to smite those who are naughty in your sight.

Have fun.


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