The Other Response to the Martin Verdict

I have not said much about the Trayon Martin business because it is not something very high on my priority list but reading the utter nonsense going on, I’ve got to say something and there are folks will not like it at all.

You see there are people out there, lots and lots of people who view Trayon Martin as surplus population and the only tragedy being that he was not aborted. They do not care about demonstrations in Times Square. For them, the only thing Times Square is good for is dropping airplanes on. And they sure do not care about charges of racism. They have already discounted that and automatically mute anyone who uses the word.

But they are angry. They are simply, quietly resolving to vote Republican in the next election.

And a number of them are doing magick. Oh, they probably don’t know that they are, but they are going to the shooting range and putting up pieces of paper with the image of a black man as the target. And then they are pumping bullets into it, every bullet a curse, every bullet a death spell, round after round into the black man. They hold the gun, point it, hold it, and carefully, lovingly, squeeze the trigger sending death to a black man somewhere, anywhere. And they do it over and over again. Each time the energy of the curse going with the bullet into the ether to find its real target. Of course only a few do it consciously, but curses do not need to be conscious to work. They send forth the bullets with the frustration of not being heard, of being ignored for being the wrong color, of being accused of everything under the sun and their anger is embodied in the flying pieces of metal. Their anger kills.

And every single shot that is fired is more energized, infinitely more effective than all the demonstrations in the world combined as every demonstration only adds to the anger being put forth in those little pieces of flying metal making holes in the outline of a black man.

And they are armed, and they are waiting.


2 Responses to “The Other Response to the Martin Verdict”

  1. Maegdlyn Says:

    Thank you……

  2. Cash Says:

    More Wisdom than Wit this time, Dear Uncle Chuckie.

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