Just For Giggles

This is for all you folks who are unlucky enough to have heard the stories of the latest Papal obscenity and his trip the World Catamite, er, Youth Day thing in Brazil. You know, when they get large crowds of idiotic young people lining up to be sodomized by the nearest Bishop. We are going to have some fun with this.

In fact it is going to be almost as much fun as bombing Mecca with pork chops.

You will need as follows:

One radionic box, any type will do.

A picture of the mob at the World Catamite, er, Youth Day.

A picture of the Folsom Street Fair.

Set up the box as follows:

The picture of Folsom Street on the transmittal (trend) plate.

The picture of the mob on the target plate.

Set the contact rate for the sexual energy coming off of Folsom.

Let the machine run.

Remember, true joy is only found in the infliction of pain and the corruption of the innocent and do not forget that time and space are no barrier to psionics.

Have fun.

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