Playing To Win

The most important thing to remember in living is that winning is all that matters and very often winning is simply a matter of shocking the opponent into stunned silence.  The key is to never respond in the way they are conditioned to expect.  Let me give you an example.

One time I was in the chat room of a internet radio show and the subject was ritual abuse.  Someone took issue with my Uncle Chuckie name and said that there was something “creepy” about a person named Uncle Chuckie listening to the show.  Well, I am certain that he expected an angry retort or some sort of self-justification and denial.  What he was not expecting was my answering, “Oh, I am a lot creepier than my name.”   He shut up and stayed shut up.

I wish that I could have done it in voice.  “You think this is evil?  You do not know what evil is.  Let me show you.” said in a quiet, calm, monotone.

But the trick is to take their assumptions and drop those assumptions on their heads.  So let us say you find yourself in a dialogue with a liberal and they play the racism line.  You do not, do not, do not, deny that x is racist.  You do not try to prove that you are not a racist.  You calmly say, “Is there a reason why I would care about that?”  And you use that method with any other control strategy.  You simply make it clear that you do not care about such things.  If, instead of guilt, they get the back of your hand, they will back off because they have no response.

Do not explain.

Do not justify.

Do not try to show that you are really a nice person.

Never apologize.

And never back down.

One Response to “Playing To Win”

  1. crimson windserpent Says:

    this is great stuff uncle thanks for sharing it.

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