Fun with the NSA

Well, the paranoids at both ends are at it again.  On the one hand, we have the NSA spying on webcams.  On the other, we have the folks screaming about how to protect themselves from the NSA spying on their webcams.  I say let’s have some fun.

Computer non-security but great fun 101.

Put on your psionic amplifying helmet when you sit in front of the computer, look straight into the webcam and say, clearly, “Your chest pains are not going to get better.”

Computer non-security 102. Put on your psionic amplifying helmet, stare into the webcam for about five minutes, take off your helmet and laugh really hard saying, “That is going to look great on the news!” Then if they are actually watching some folks are going to go into a panic wondering what is going to blow up.

Oh, one more. Whenever there is a great disaster, look into the webcam and shout, “Blood and souls for Uncle Chuckie!”

No reason not to have some fun with this. After all, the panopticon will only work on those who give a damn. Give them a show!

2 Responses to “Fun with the NSA”

  1. Kittypie070 Says:

    well shucks, Uncle Chuckie, but I don’t have a webcam 😀

  2. supermariorick Says:

    Blood and skulls for Uncle Chuckie 😀

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