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Getting Rid of an Annoying Spirit


Ok, you get yourself a new place to live and you wonder why people were willing to let you have it so cheap. Then, as you are finished moving in, noises start happening and things that should not fall down do. Pretty soon you have shadows on the wall, strange laughter in your bathroom and food refusing to cook right.

You gots yourself a bad spirit.

Well, how do you best get rid of the thing?


Call a Catholic priest to bless the place. If the spirit is a Baptist he will not be impressed and it may only make him mad.

Burn sage. Burning sage does nothing but stink the place up and make the spirit laugh saying, “What do you think I am? Turkey stuffing?”

This is what you do.

Go onto ebay and look for RF (radio frequency) signal generators. You want one that works and does not cost too much. The latter is pretty easy, most are not very expensive.

Once you have your generator, sit it on a convenient table, plug it in and turn it on to make sure that it works. Then you wait.

When the spirit manifests, which you can usually tell by the hairs on your arm standing up, turn on the generator and turn the tuning dial. When the hairs on your arm go back to normal and the space feels clear you have the right freqency. That is a frequency that the spirit is sort of allergic to and, when it attempts to draw ambient energy to manifest, it gets very uncomfortable and runs away. Just leave the generator running on that frequency and you should be rid of your spectral nuisance.


Happy Mars Day


Happy Mars Day

May the God of Battles smash all the people you don’t like.