Join the Creeper Corps!

What is the Creeper Corps? Well, it has nothing to do with Minecraft. In fact I had no idea that the word had anything to do with Minecraft, which I have nothing to do with, until I was looking for a graphic to go with this and only found a lot of green shit. Well, as I hate all things green unless they have dollar signs on them, that was not going to work at all. Anyway:

What is a “Creeper?”

A creeper is someone who is not attractive, usually not young, who, when they are at certain gatherings, make some folks nervous just by being there. So, as I am not young nor am I particularly attractive, I would certainly qualify.

So I figure we should give those folks who get all weirded out and say they do not feel safe with us around a good reason to fell unsafe. The Creeper Corps.

Now, what do we do?

Psionics gives us lots of fun things we can do. In this case we stay home and project into cons, gatherings, events of all kinds, where such folks who get creeped by us gather. And then we just sort of float around and non-consensually goose them. Are we giggling yet?

What will happen is even they don’t see us, they will sense our presence and become non-consensually paranoid and complain to all and sundry that they do not feel safe because creepers are about but as they cannot see us they will blame other people, who will get mad and sue them and the event, causing the event to go out of business and other events to put in a policy that anyone who feels unsafe is to leave.

This will silence the whiners and make the world safe for us creepy old folks.

One Response to “Join the Creeper Corps!”

  1. Kittypie070 Says:

    Hey Uncle Chuckie, sounds phun. Count kitty in.

    I have been known to spook 6 foot tall 230-lb truckers in 7-11s just by wearing black t-shirt & jeans & shades and getting the INTJ Glare of Death on, merely by entertaining serious thoughts while walking into the store.

    PS I just got finished building the Psionic Gadgets headband with the magnets in it. Used non ferrous wire and ye olde craft shoppe trinkets and small supermagnets to construct it. Still gotta test it. Hmmm….

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