And those who do not deserve it.

Ok, you live in a nice area, houses, trees, decent schools and a few scattered apartment buildings. A nice quiet place to live. No urban animal life around so little or not crime.

And then some civil rights scumshit want to turn one of the apartment buildings into section 8 housing!

Well, you know how that will go. The have to kiss furry urban ass so one of the buildings gets turned into the drug house, or future drug house.

Well, you can do something about that.

Psionics can do something about that.

You make the building unliveable.

All you need is a photo of the building. That is your witness sample.

You print up the photo and aim a good disruption pattern at the building. But that is not all you do.

You visualize a black, poisonous cloud of sludge filling every space of the building, making it totally unlivable for anyone. You pack that building and then when the filth move in, they find that they are in the middle of greater filth.

They won’t stay. No one will stay. It will be like a roach motel in reverse. The humanoid insects will check and then check out real fast.

The longest I’ve known anyone to survive this method is a month.

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