Peace and quiet returns

The Packers lost! Now, why would I celebrate that?

Well, I’m not really celebrating their loss. I was actually watching the playoff game against the Seahawks and rooting very loudly for them. But, now that the season is over, it is nice to not have to hear about football for 9 months.

Oh yes, the Stuporbowl will still be played, but the Packers are not in it, so who cares? We will be able to eat out that night without fear of the parking lot at the restaurant being full because the bar is. No one is going to be in the bar watching a game that the Packers are not it.

We will not have to put up with drooling idiots on the local news with their imbecilitic “Road to Glory” bullshit. They will cry in their beer one more day and then waste airtime with stories of useless people in Milwaukee doing useless things.

And one must think of all the children in Wisconsin who now no longer have to fear that their parents will sell them for Super Bowl tickets.

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