Cosimanian Orthodox Stuff

Folks think that if you look for the essence of Cosimanian Orthodoxy you should look at science fiction films. They are wrong. The essence of Cosimanian Orthodoxy is to be found in the opening minutes of the 1961 movie King of Kings.

No not the boring Jesus crap. You can fast forward that out and just watch the cool Romans, which is what I do. But it is the opening that really gets it.

It starts with the arrival of Pompey the Great, father-in-law of Julius Caesar as he has just conquered Jerusalem. To the psuedo Biblical entoning of Orson Wells, he enters the temple on his horse and gets off, heading for the inner temple. The priests go “hup hup hup” and form a bearded line in front of the entrance to block him.

Pompey makes a gesture, spears are thrown and the Jewish problem is solved.

Pompey then climbs the stairs, carefully steps over the bodies so as not trip on a spear, and enters the inner temple, where he encounters a veil.

He draws his sword and cuts the veil open and walks through

That is the essence of Cosimanian Orthodoxy.


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