Justice Does Not Exist

It is time that humanity rid itself of the bronze age notion of justice altogether. There is no justice in nature. If you get hit by a tornado, sucks to be you.

Suffering comes from either natural agency, otherwise known as bad luck as being on the beach when the tsunami hits, or human agency, the actions of others, usually unthinking, but often deliberate and of course the continual self infliction of desire.

Well, we can’t get rid of nature but we can avoid beaches when a tsunami is on the way and take cover from a tornado. We can’t really get rid of desire. There are few Buddhas among us. What we can do is deal with the suffering caused by others and that is not to accept it but to follow the wisdom of Conan.

“What is good in life? To crush your enemies, see them flee before you and hear the lamentations of their women.”

Salvation comes not through acceptance. Salvation comes through power and will to use it. Stoicism is a vile thing.

Seek not justice for you will never find it. Seek the means to impose your will on those who would impose suffering upon you while ignoring as best you can those who cause it by indifference or stupidity.

Such is the way of a happy life.


3 Responses to “Justice Does Not Exist”

  1. FGE Says:

    Hi Dear Uncle Chuckie. I wondered if the laugh tape method will also work with another feelings, like boredom through yawning.

    Thanks, master.

  2. Jalil Says:

    You are truly one of the few wise ones. Almost everybody else is convinced that such a thing as Justice does exist.

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