Machine Day

April 7, 1977. I went to the local electronics store, we had them in those days before everyone shopped online, and purchased a few items, brought them home and assembled them in an old shoe box. And when I was finished I had created my first radionic box.

And the world changed.

Oh, no one knew it was changing. But something had been built that would change the lives of everyone it touched, including me. Some changes are earth shattering as the cliche says. Other changes are like worms burrowing in the earth, making the soil fertile and in the process gaining more and more people until critical mass is reached and the change is there without anyone even noticing that it had occured.

Thus it has been with radionics. Ten years later, when my little book Psionics 101 ripped radionics out of the hands of the gatekeepers of the U.S. Psychotronics Association and threw it naked onto the world, the ground began to soften as scattered people built their own machines and experimented, liberated from all the rules that people had tried to place on it, and had failed.

Slowly, ever so slowly it spread, under the radar, under the very ground. But spread it did. And now it is so widespread that nothing can stop it. It is literally everywhere and the time is coming, not far off, when radionic boxes will be as common as Ouija Boards.

The world will soon be a vastly different place than we have known.

2 Responses to “Machine Day”

  1. Robert Says:

    Its a shame there are not more people like you in the world Chuck the world would be a much more fun place to be…

  2. Kittypie070 Says:

    :3 I made the magnetic headband as a small first step, now I get to test it. I used small supermagnets instead of the sheet/strip magnets

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