Ghosts Can Kill

My mother spent the last 12 years of her life hating her brother’s wife, Aunt Fran, in a way that was beyond comprehension. It had been caused by a misunderstanding.

In the fall of 1975 my father had his second heart attack. He was in the hospital recovering and we expected him home in a few days when he had a relapse of sorts and ended up on a ventilator in intensive care. Aunt Fran sent a funny get well card while he was doing well. It showed an x-ray skeleton with a large object in the rear quarters and the line “Get the lead out!” Unfortunately it arrived the day after father’s relapse and mother was convinced that Aunt Fran wanted father dead.

Then in December, father died and mother never got over it. On top of that, she sort of blamed Aunt Fran, which made no sense at all but no one could talk her out of it.

December of 1987 Mother departs this world. Mother also took up haunting. Things would move around the house. On night the television turned on on its own and she even ultimately chased a girlfriend of mine out of the bedroom which caused her to get a very strong talking to.

Anyway, the next March, about three months after she died, I was awakened at three in the morning to the sound of her laughing in my ear and her voice clearly saying, “I got the bitch!”

I figured it was just a crazy dream and turned on a light to read for about a half hour and then went back to sleep and forgot about all about it.

I forgot about it until a few days later when my uncle called me and said, “It’s just us now.” I was puzzled by that because he had an adult daughter and several grandchildren. Then he told me that Aunt Fran had died at the same time I was awakened by my mother’s laughing. It seems her heart had literally exploded.

It seems that you can’t stop us by killing us.


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