Win 10? NO!

Well, it’s been two weeks since Windows 10 went public with great fanfare and kissing of Microsoft’s furry ass by the tech writers. Oh yes, they did sort of notice the little matter of the mandatory downloads, but hell, users are too dumb to be trusted with their own machines, aren’t they? And there are all these testers to make sure bad ones don’t get out. Right!

And now they sit hoisted on their own traffic cones.

Look, if someone were unlucky enough to be stuck with Windows 8, anything would be an improvement. Balmer’s Folly was a nightmare that no sane person even looked at. 8.1 improved, er, improved…


So now the lastest monstrosity to come out of the Microsoft Zombie Works–Windows 10. “We will control you computer and your data whether you like it or not!”

Well no, you won’t.

I have no use for a different browser than Firefox. Edge can fall over the edge for all I care and Bing is just, well, binged.

My only response to Cortana would be, “Cortana, shut the fuck up.” I don’t want my computer talking to me.

Whatever tiny performance improvements Windows 10 may bring are not worth the bullshit that comes with them. I’m sticking with my Windows 7 machines until they die and then I’m going with Linux.

Microsoft can take it’s subscription model and shove it up its corporate ass.


4 Responses to “Win 10? NO!”

  1. Robert Says:

    I feel the same way about my xp pro, would like to go with linux if find one I can run and will let me use some of my favorite windows programs…

  2. John Felczak Says:

    @Robert – Just find one that can run Wine and VirtualBox and you should be able to. Both work well for me on Debian 8.1, and I imagine other recent distros as well. I was able to find native Linux replacements for all but 3 or 4 of my Windows programs, which I now run in an XP virt in VirtualBox when I need them. Eventually would like to get them working under Wine to save resources, but VirtualBox does the job for now.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Well at least the TV commercial was cute [though you probably don’t care]. I know someone who actually has the hots for Cortana. You probably also don’t care.

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