Worst Interview Ever

One of the downsides of a small to the point of quantum modicum of fame, other than the obvious one of people assuming I am rich, is that occasionally I have put my voice into the public sphere without knowing what hell I am going to say. Usually this happens when the show is done by a friend who, being aware of the multiplicity of my interests as well as my notorious wit and charm just sort of tries to pick a topic that I have no interest in or any knowledge of.

To make matters worse, the cohost was another friend of hers and she thought because of our senses of humor it would make a great show.

It was a great disaster. My public wit tends to be cultured, urbane and cynical. This fellow must have fallen out of the back of the pickup truck and kept bouncing on his head until he ended up falling head first into the moonshine still next to the family outhouse. It was all I could do not to eviscerate him during the taping. I did let him have it a few times and it was pretty obvious that my contempt was starting to really drip.

My friend, realizing that I was about go full bore Dr. Doom on this cretin, ended the show. And then we talked in IM afterwards. She said it was a great show. Of course, how could it not be. I was on it! I told her that it sucked, I was disgusted and I would not be a guest again. She was dumbfounded and kept trying to make excuses for the refugee from Hog Hollow.

Anyway, we are going re-do this thing, without the presence of Hiram Hillbilly and hopefully it will work this time. We’ll see.


2 Responses to “Worst Interview Ever”

  1. Kevin masilung Says:

    Its all about sosial chemistry. Uncle Chuckie.
    Boring or not, … what would Buddha do?

    You are still my personal favourite. Techno wizard

  2. Kevin masilung Says:

    Need to redo the chemistry.

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