This Will Be a Good One.

It has been pointed out to me by a faithful Cosimaniac that we don’t have any rituals in Cosimanian Orthodoxy. He’s right. I never thought about it but it would probably be a good idea to have one. Here it is.

One of the things we learn from studying how religions take over is that they steal ideas from existing structures. The lickspittle Pagan wimps get all weirded out about this and decry “cultural appropriation,” like it actually matters. We Cosimanians don’t give a fuck. If it is good we steal it. Of course one of the things we have to realize is that Cosimanian Orthodoxy is based on Psionics which is exclusively modern and Western, so there is not much out there to steal in other cultures. To put it mildly, they have nothing we would want.

That being said, there is one Western idea we can steal–the Eucharist.

NO! Uncle Chuckie has no intention of getting himself killed. I’m talking about ceremonial injestion, not of ritualized body parts, but of energy.

So, here is what you need.

A photo of Uncle Chuckie, easily found online as you already know or you would not be reading this.

A radionic box set to the divine wisdom of Uncle Chuckie. If you don’t have a radionic box holding the food up to the picture and visualizing the energy going into it will do.

A chocolate chip cookie. Actually any cookie will do but I’m having a bit of a craving for a chocolate chip one while I’m writing this.

After charging the cookie with the energy of Uncle Chuckie, all you need do is eat it saying before you do, “Blood and souls for Uncle Chuckie!”

It will make you feel good.

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