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The Present.


The future is Cosimanian Orthodox. Welcome to the Age of Chaos and the Man of the Future will be like a surfer, riding the tidal waves of existence, without a past, without a future, only a present.

The Past is useless. The Future nothing but a series of probablilites. All that exists, all that matters is the now.

(And I have no idea at all how I just wrote that.)


We Are Here


To destroy.
We are on an unholy pilgrimage. We have gone forth with our minds and are going to demolish that which is sacred in this place.
We are going to transform the love of the pilgrims who have walked here into bitter hate, one against the other.
We are going to turn healing into sickness and make each pilgrim a bearer of plague to his own land.
We are going desecrate the sacred.
Wired into our machines there is no place in the world that is safe from us. There is no mind that is secure. The world is ours to be our plaything.
We are the Cosimanian Orthodox and we are here to have fun.