Fun Stuff

You will need a couple things.  A radionic box, a witness of yourself and a satellite photo of the US and a video of people who like shooting playing on your computer.

At about 3 AM or so, set up your box, take a rate for the US, put your picture on the transmittal side and the the pic of the US on the receiving side.  Watch the video knowing as you do the joy of the people in the video will be transferred to the entire country.


4 Responses to “Fun Stuff”

  1. supermariorick Says:

    hey I have a question. do you think the tepaphone can be designed to work with the internals of one of those batteryless coil-based pump generator LED flashlights? not requiring batteries to run the light that focuses psychic wavelengths would be beneficial for such a device. also by creating the electricity for the light yourself by generating with a coil with your mechanical actions, you are placing your will in the tepaphone a lot more and it is more efficient than charging batteries with intent every time you replace them. also this is hoping the LEDs can be reversed to aim at the inside, the plastic housing can have a compartment for witness material to be placed in the beam of the LEDs, and that either a fingerpad or auxiliary jack ports for a helmet be placed on the outside and wired properly to it. and let’s not forget the most important part: can the entire tepaphone be made small as possible and fit inside the plastic housing of a batteryless pump coil-generator LED flashlight and wired to work with it? I’m curious as to how convenient we can make essentially a psychic amplification device without hindering its actual function in the process.

  2. drpsionic Says:

    Should work. The power supply would be irrelevant.

    • supermariorick Says:

      first prototype. apparently upon actually looking inside the pump flashlight that charges with a coil and a magnet stores the electricity in a rechargeable battery. so instead i took out most of the generator mechanism – including the magnet – and left only the coil and whatever allows the magnet to spin next to the coil generating electricity. i then cut aux port extenders and stripped out the wiring then connected two of them to the coil and the LED flashlight, then taped the aux port wires to the metal connected to the coil with electrical tape. this is all covered with the plastic housing of the flashlight which i put back together minus the magnet and mechanical parts of the pump. the flashlight should already be designed to take in energy as it was for the magnet-coil generator. with the two aux ports i put in, it should be capable of connecting with the helmet that interfaces with thought energy. all that is left is making sure the wiring is right and to actually test the thing. who knows maybe a portable tepaphone can be completed and we’ll bring in an age that hasn’t come in around 70 years (since the FOGC lodge)
      but right now all I have is this prototype made for the sole intention of being portable. i’ll have to upload the internals to make sure it’s not missing anything important to its actual function. i did feel something strange when i turned it on and had my fingers on the aux ports though.

      • supermariorick Says:

        the prototype I made works! I can feel power coming from it.

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