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Martian in the Iron Mask Day



arthur helmet

Yes, it’s Martian in the Iron Mask day again and I know you all wonder why I make such a big deal out of it every year.  So I am going to explain.

When I was eight years old I got the comic book, Tales of the Unexpected, and this particular character really made an impression on me.  If you look at the body language in the picture, you can tell why.  It just oozes confidence.

The Martian was a mesmerist, not a hypnotist.  In other words, he practiced mind control without having to induce a trance state in his victims.  That really sounded like fun and thus, while other little boys were playing cowboys and indians and tying up the little girls pretending to be burning them at the stake, I was wearing the helmet (or rather one like it) in the picture and a Lone Ranger mask, playing at turning them into biorobots and having people imagine that buildings were breaking in two.

Naturally I made on rather basic change.  In the story, the Martian comes to a very bad end.  It was, after all, a comic book.  The bad guys were not supposed to win back then.  Mine won.  The other change was that in the story the eyeshield of the mask was to block his power.  My version had it increase them.  I needed an excuse to wear the helmet.

Some kids just never grow up and that is why we celebrate this day.



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