Spring is coming.

IF it is not here already and that means demonstrations.  Now as everyone knows, protesters are surplus population and in civilized societies are simply mowed down with machine guns.  Unfortunately as we are not a civilized society it is necessary for people to be encouraged to shoot them.  Well, this is where we use our surrogates, in this case the police, who, after all, are trained to kill unarmed people and rather enjoy it given any opportunity.

We need to just give them a little shove.

Here is what you will need:

1 toy gun.

A radionic box.

A witness of yourself.

A satellite picture of the United States.

Now, first set up the radionic box.  Put the witness of yourself on the input and the photo of the US on the output. Set the rate and let the box run, that will send anything you are thinking booming into the subconcious of the whole country.

Pick up the toy gun.  Close your eyes and visualize yourself as a police officer looking at a mob of protesting scum.  See yourself as a police officer as clearly as you can, maybe even eat a donut before you start the operation.  Once you have that clearly in your mind, raise the toy gun and fire it, while in your mind seeing yourself as a police officer firing a real weapon into the crowd, killing the targets.

Repeat as needed and watch the fun.


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