Just Another Brick in the Wall

We hear today that the traitorous filth who infest Congress have decided to ban using Federal money to keep out the criminal aliens who are infesting our land like vermin.  Well, I’ve got news for them.

There is going to be a wall!

It won’t cost a penny but it will more effective than any concrete fortification.  It will be a thoughtform, a very big thoughtform that will cover the whole US/Mexican border and when it is completed no alien who crosses into this country illegally will live.

That is the good thing about using psionics.  Anyone coming in legally is welcome.  The thoughtform will not harm a hair on their heads.  But–if they harbor a single criminal thought, the thoughtform will swoop down on them and attack them.

We can do this thing.  We will do this thing and no politician can stop it.

Thus says Uncle Chuckie.

3 Responses to “Just Another Brick in the Wall”

  1. Robert Says:

    Well first of all in the strictest of sense that may not be possible for the simple reason there is no such thing as a total law bidding citizen, all people break laws to one degree or another and the reason for that is we just have to many laws numbering in the millions its simply not possible to obey then all especially lame and stupid laws, which no one is going to obey.

    What I would do is to create a personal thought form to keep people out that is incompatible with my belief system or at least keep them out of my person reality. Cause when you get right down to it that’s pretty much whole reason why laws are created in the first place cause of incompatibility with someones beliefs…

  2. drpsionic Says:

    Too complicated. Easier to just keep them all out.

  3. R.A. Farrer Says:

    This made me deviously chuckle, Uncle Chucky… Hehe

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