Gather ye witches

It’s time for a good bonfire.  Ok, this isn’t about that.  It’s about something else.

Salem is weird and not just because I root for Cotton Mather.  I think it is time for a fun little thought experiment.

We have always thought that the folks who were hanged at Salem were innocent.  Yes, hanged.  They should have been burned but the folks in Salem were cheap and did not want to waste good firewood on witches.

Ok, let’s grant that the folks who were hanged were not witches, just really annoying people whom everyone thought were witches because they were just really annoying people.  Can you say, “No great loss?”  But let’s have some fun with this.

I have always thought that witches were all either innocent or gutless weaklings.  I mean we know the modern ones are gutless weaklings.  Why else would they care about the feelings of their precious trannies?  I mean think about it.  If us psionic folks had been around then the witch judges would have all died of spontaneous human combustion.  We’d have killed them!  Knowing that, it is impossible to think that the witches of the burning times, which obviously did not burn enough of them because some escaped, had any power and were thus sitting ducks.  After all, what do we burn besides witches?

More witches!

And then I got to thinking, specifically about Salem but maybe even earlier.  Suppose there really were witches in Salem but they were really smart.  They managed to fool the townspeople into going berserk and thinking that a bunch of really annoying people were witches, thus achieving two good ends, or rather three if you consider getting rid of the really annoying people as well.  First, they manage to direct attention away from themselves.  Everyone hates and kills the annoying people and leaves the real witches alone.  Second, when the folks of Salem recover their senses and realize how badly they have behaved, they resolve to never believe in witches again so as not to make fools of themselves.

Once that was accomplished, the real witches could peep and mutter to their hearts’ content, knowing that they never would be bothered.  The witches greatest trick was to persuade people that they did not exist.

“All very nice,” you say.  “But what about now?  There are people running around calling themselves witches all over the place.”

True, but does anyone take them seriously beside themselves and Christian whackdoodles?  It is a masterpiece of misdirection.  Get a bunch of idiots, dress them up in Ren faire costumes, make them give themselves silly names and you have the perfect cover.  Everyone is so busy laughing at that them that they don’t even look for you, because as everyone knows, you do not exist.



One Response to “Gather ye witches”

  1. Robert Says:

    I remember when I first got interested in Witchcraft many years ago, I use to read everything I could find on it, The Problem was and still is attempting to find books on true witchcraft is next to impossible, All you have now days is lame wicca crap which in a nutshell is has been water down for people with very weak minds, Their greatest mistake they made was creating the so called wiccan rede which like the commandment Thou shall not kill are both physically impossible, as the very act of breathing you are killing microscopic bacteria which is destroyed by your body’s defense system.

    and if you take the wiccan rede and break it a part it becomes a contradiction, Harm None, Do as thy will, Question what if it is my will to harm…

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