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Destroyer Day


invisible destroyer

Today we celebrate cool helmets, energy vampirism and the sheer joy that can only come from wrecking things.

Oh, and there are the catabolic forces in nature but no one cares about that.


I’ve been thinking


I know, that is not a good idea.  It causes headaches, usually for other people. Ok, so maybe it is a good idea.

Have you ever noticed that no group has ever said anything like, “We condemn, in the strongest possible way, the teachings and work of Charles Cosimano?”  I sort of feel neglected.  After all, I have a number of people who strongly disapprove of me.  I rather like that.  It means I have accomplished something.  But they never express it!

Come on.  Show some guts.  I know, you would all be dead in 48 hours but hey, who wants to live forever? Ok, maybe not 48 hours.  Maybe something lingering an painful so I can send the energy of your dying to a village in Africa and watch the inhabitants there die of something lingering, painful and entertaining.

Hey!  I’m the bad guy!  Remember?

Ok, I’m having fun.  Seriously though, it seems that except for me, because no one wants to die of some rare cancer, every other day some group of self-appointed idiots is condemning someone for something.  The latest nonsense is out of Nashville, from whence come all things imbecilitic, where a group of Evangelical clergy have sort of declared war on gays.  Ok, that could be fun, Evangelicals and gays shooting each other.  We could watch from the sidelines and make bets on who wins.  After all, Matthew Sheppard was just a low grade drug dealer who got what was coming to him.

Martyrs do not impress me.  I like making them in large numbers.  That is what psionics can do.

Of course that is not going to happen.  What is happening a lot of verbal sniping from both sides over something that does not matter because no one, no one, no one cares what a group of clergymen say about anything

Back to condemnation.

Remember that phrase.  No one cares because that is the key to what I’m going explain.

Ok, let’s go back the beginning.  The Cosimanian Orthodox method is the best, well not THE best, that comes a bit later, but a really good method.  You just kill them all.  A good slaughter and everyone learns the virtue of silence.  But let’s be honest, except for the worthless towelheads, groups and people on the receiving end of such things don’t usually respond that way.

What they do do, and this is the absolute worst response, is to either deny that what they are being damned for is true or combine the denial with a bunch of eye-roller responses about all the good they actually do.  That persuades no one and just makes them boring and a bunch of pussies which is what they are.  (You gave money to a school in Africa?  Bah!  I sent ebola to that school and killed half its students.)

The best response is no response.  You simply ignore them.  You do not respond directly and if someone brings it up to you, you just laugh it off and say, “They’re idiots.”  You just keep doing what you are doing and leave them to stamp their little feetsies in impotent frustration.  You show that you do not care and that there is no reason why you would care.

“Mr. Cosimano, what do you have to say in response to your critics?”



“Nothing.  I don’t really care what they say.”

Once they know they are going to get nowhere, people will not bother you.