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On of the benefits of being the bad guy, and doing it openly and notoriously, is that nothing can ever come back to bite.

If anyone tries to bring up something from your past, you don’t have to deny it, you just laugh and say, “Yeah.  That was fun!”  Believe me, it shuts people up because they don’t know how to respond to being laughed at and it is a lot less work (and expense) than having your loyal minions give the accuser an hand grenade hysterectomy and then she can be under the hashtag #megoboom.

Appropriate as that is, hand grenades on the black market are quite pricey and it violates the fundamental principal that one must be neat in one’s murders.  Body parts spread all over are a god awful mess to clean up.  There is also the fact that explosives are pretty easy to trace so unless you have expert hit men on the family payroll, so you don’t accidentally hire an undercover cop, it is just not practical.  People are always complaining how difficult it is for an honest made man to get work these days and how they are often tempted to do legitimate work.   Complain complain complain!  But I digress.

On the other hand, if banishing her with laughter does not work, you can always use psionics to make body parts stop working.  Remember.  folks die of natural causes all the time.

Now see, aren’t you glad you have your Uncle Chuckie to explain these things to you?


Binding Santa Muerte



A ritual from the late 1980s.  It must have worked because I’m still alive.