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A Death in the Family


Brunhilda Cosimano. May 2000-January 22 2017.
There is a hole in our hearts today. Our friend, companion and pet, Brunhilda has gone to the fortress in the Astral that I have prepared for the next life. I have few words to say, only that a man who has no tears has no heart and I am shedding enough right now to float an aircraft carrier.
She gave us pleasure for 17 years and I hope that we gave her as much in return. One of her last acts was when I bent down to pet her last night, she grabbed my hand with her paw and held it to her face.
She passed peacefully this morning just after we got out of bed.
RIP little friend. Wait for me. I am an old man and it will not be long until I join you.

One little thing pusscake.  IF you read this, please, please please, do not let the other cats talk you into playing in the Fire Control Stadium.  Those guns can cause serious natural disasters back here on Earth.

Ave atque Vale.