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Martian in the Iron Mask Day



martian mask

Happy Martian in the Iron Mask Day.  A good day to use mind control on anti-gun morons. Make them do something stupid.

Wait, they did something stupid when they were born.


Psionics Against Gun Control


In the name of Uncle Chuckie, the compassionate , the merciful:

In the 1940s, A. E. van Vogt wrote a story called, “The Weapons Shop” and in it was the motto, “The right to buy weapons is the right to be free.”  And, once again, our freedom is being threatened and it is time to use psionics to do something about it.  Thus your Uncle Chuckie has come up with a solution.  You will need to do as follows.

Print up a photo of the lastest poster thing of the gun grabbers.  In this case one of the deformed and retarded Tide Pod eating morons the media is trotting out, but any of them will do.  The specific person is not important.

Take two ordinary targets and sandwich the photo between them, gluing the edges together.  The reason for this is because people who run gun ranges sometimes frown upon using photographs for targets and this way they cannot see anything.   No one is going to notice if the target is a bit thicker.

That being done, set up your radionic box with a photo of you on the input plate and a satellite picture of the country on the output and set the rate.  Now go to the range and have a noisy version of The Two Minutes hate.

Put the target on the target holder and run it out to your usual practice distance.  With your weapon of choice, slowly and hatefully put holes in the target, knowing that each bullet you fire is also going through the photo on the inside.  As you do this, the hatred and anger that you feel with also be transmitted to the subconscious minds of everyone in the country.  If all goes well, lots of people who normally would not even notice, will feel totally unreasoning hatred every time they see the face of the target and anything he represents will be the cause equal revulsion.

Save the target and when you get home, remove your picture from the input plate and replace it with the target.  Now, the target is probably going to be too large for that plate so take a sheet of foil, glue it to a sheet of cardboard, wire that to the input and put the hole-filled target on that to broadcast the energy you have put into it to whole country.  Set the rate and let it go.

Nature will do the rest.

Why are they so stupid?


I don’t get it.  I really don’t get it.  Why is that when people decide they want to blast a school they insist on using guns?  Guns can only kill a limited number of targets and the shooters always get caught.

If they had any brains they would use psionics and do a lot more damage with no danger of being caught at all.  All they would need is a photo of the school and a flashlight.  These people are just so damned dumb!

Xotar Day 2018



Today we celebrate Xotar theWeapons Master and it is appropriate, for never have we had greater need for psionic weapons than at this time.