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And a Child Will Lead Them


Or rather a memory jarred from childhood will.

Take look at this picture.

superboy telepathy machine

Looks familiar.  It was published in 1957, shortly after my eighth birthday in Superboy.  How to give Little Charles ideas and no doubt this one did.

Making the equipment was easy enough.  All I needed was a big enough cardboard box, we always had them and my big can of Tinker Toys.  I made a bunch of dials from the Tinker Toys by taking spools and putting short rods into the center holes, punch holes in the box to put the dials in and there it was, all ready to control the brains of everyone around.

The helmet was even easier.  All it needed was my toy army helmet and a suction cup dart for the antenna.

Symbolic radionics.  I had never heard of that, no one had, and the box went on to be a spaceship control panel and the helmet used for other things.  Things do not last at that age.

Even so, on far Aldebaran, a being not human looked into a hole in space and time and said, “In sixty earth years, that child will be Uncle Chuckie.  Our seed has been planted.  Watch well to see what harvest it will bring.”


Dealing With A Failure of Eugenics


There is no better proof of the wisdom of mass abortion than the sight of the disgusting little eaters of Tide Pods wandering the streets trying to make us give up our rights.  Well, we have an answer for them.

To do this you will need as follows:

A photograph of a high school.  Any high school will do.  Pick one geographically far from you as you do not want to have traffic near you disrupted.

Now you need this.  It’s Jonestown after the Kool-Aid Festival.


Next you will need this sigil for suicide.

sigil of suicide

Ok, now take this good stuff and put the photo of Jonestown on the input of your radionic box along with the sigil.  Put the photo of the school on the output.  Set the rate for the relationship between them and watch the fun.

Viddy well, little Droogies.  Viddy well.

I’m shaking my head


As the usual boo hoo hooing goes on over the monthly school shooting goes on as if anyone gave a damn, I can’t help but be amazed at how stupid the shooters are.  If they would take the time to learn psionics they could do ever so much more damage with a photograph and a flashlight than they ever could do with a gun and there is no way they could be caught.

Truly we are raising a generation of tide pod eating morons.

It’s Mars Day



Today, as I have done since 1970, I call upon the God of War to send destruction to humanity just for the fun of it.