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Imagine all the Liberals

It’s easy if you try.

Stuck on an island,

Being left to die.

Imagine worthless children

Ground into hamburger alive.

You say that I’m a dreamer

but I can made you dream it too…


Truth with Laughter


There are few sights funnier then the look on a feminist’s face when she sees the man put on the brass knuckles.

Witches are such idiots.



This is Great!


Not only has a designer of handbags gone to the region of hell designated for funny looking women who design handbags, (really, does anyone anywhere give a tinker’s damn about that person?  No one heard of her until she hanged herself and no one can understand why she didn’t when she was like 15.) but we are also rid of an idol of people who have nothing better to do with their useless lives than watch people travelling around the world eating things that humans were not meant to even look at, much less put in their mouths.

Good riddance!

There is one other good thing that comes of this sort of nonsense though.  It encourages worthless people who are thinking about doing the one decent thing in their lives, that is to say ending them, to actually do the right thing and die!  And thanks to the inspiration that only comes from Great Cthulhu we can help them along.

You will need two things.

First the Psionic Amplifying Helmet.

Second, the theme from Mash

Now the rest is easy.  Put on the helmet and play the music.  As you do that, the idea of suicide will fly out like a beacon, hitting everyone who is vulnerable and no doubt push more than a few over the edge.

Happy Hunting.