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I have not said much about the latest revelations coming out about the Roman Catholic Church and the sewer rats that run it. After all, I am not now, nor have I ever been Roman Catholic and my disdain for it as an institution, to say nothing of its beliefs, is no secret. All the latest news has done is merely confirm what I have been saying since I was in college, that there was something fundamentally suspect about its priesthood. My most ferocious anti-Christian writings were actually anti-Catholic in their origin, having been written for a girlfriend who had been seriously mistreated by the Catholic Church in Chicago.

The truth is that I do not see the problem as being either confined to Roman Catholicism, or even to Christianity in general. I would not be surprised if there are Buddhist monks shagging the novices. The problem is much deeper, the existence of authority.

Now, as all know, I celebrate the death of authority. I rejoice when it fails, when it is ignored and those who hold it in esteem made to look even more stupid than God created them. And the root of this mess is authority, not merely its abuse, but rather its very existence. As long as there are those who believe that there are those other than themselves who possess some undefinable quality that makes their words superior and should be even listened to, then the problem will remain.

The only true solution is to rid our world of the idea, of the practice and above all, of any respect for authority and its pretensions and to look upon any who claim it as what they truly are, a noxious species of sewer rat, bred in the bone liars, thieves and scoundrels of every type and description who never have had anything of value to say to anyone and for whom the permanent silence of the grave is cause for rejoicing.

And as for the Catholic Church and its costumed rodents? Kathleen is not forgotten and may they all burn for eternity in the deepest corner of their Hell.