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In Which the Young Archfiend Uncle Chuckie Explained Reality to a Liberal


In Which the Young Archfiend Uncle Chuckie Explained Reality to a Liberal


Off The Wagon!


Oh this is going to be more fun than bombing Mecca with pork chops!

To do this little experiment you will need a photograph of the local drunkarium, otherwise known as a place where Alcoholics Anonymous meets, the time of their meeting, and a bottle of booze.

Oh, and a radionic box and a picture of yourself.

Now, here is what you. You set up the radionic box as follows: You put your picture on the transmittal (sometimes called “trend” for no rational reason whatsoever) plate of the box and the picture of the meeting place on the target side.

Set the rate.

Now, at the time of the meeting, get drunk. That is all you have to do, get drunk.

And as you become more and more inebriated, all of the wonderful information is going to flying through the ether to afflict the poor, recovering lushes inside the meeting and any number of them will be unable to resist temptation next time it is offered.

Oh, don’t drive for a day after this experiment. You want to be alive to enjoy the news reports of people who did and got killed.

Oh Slenderman


Sometimes something absolutely dreadful happens that can lead to some fun.  We have a local news story, actually a pretty awful one.  Two little girls got it into their head that a fictional character called The Slenderman, who really hates children, would take them to his dwelling place and honor them if the murdered one of their friends.  With friends like this who needs enemies?

But it got me to thinking, always a dangerous thing.  What if there really was a Slenderman?  What if people began seeing the astral form of the Slenderman appearing before them, only to disappear in a second?  What manner of chaos would this create as the superstition grew among the populace.

This could be fun.