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The Mission Field


cosimanian orthodox

All religions require gaining converts in order to grow and prosper. Mohammed did it the quick way, raising an army and spreading his religion by conquest. The Christians took the slower route of subversion, creating cells of believers that would draw in people until they reached a point where they could take over.

With time, as sending armies out to force the heathen into belief went out of fashion, the Christians developed the practice of sending missionaries out to bring religion, red flannel waistcoats and pocket handkerchiefs to the heathen. It worked pretty good for them. They had the resources, the money and people, to pull it off. Some branches took a less expensive, but for them equally effective approach. The Mormons send young people out in pairs to suffer the ignomy of having doors closed on them and the less successful Jehovah’s Witnesses likewise practice door-to-door preaching, with the ignomy of having doors closed on them.

Cosimanian Orthodoxy uses a much different approach as we are blessed by the Old Ones with a technology that makes such things much easier. And a good thing too as we can probably all fit in a large broom closet. We practice Deep Subversion. We go directly into the minds of the potential believer and draw him to us whether he wants to be or not. In this way we are practicing conversion by force, one subconscious mind at a time.

The methodology is very simple. We chose a geographic area that we wish to influence. Once that is done, we aquire, without haggling, a satellite view of that area. That is our receiving witness. Then the operator sets up his machine to the contact rate for the people in that area. That being done he hooks his psionic amplifying helmet into that machine and watches a video which depicts some aspect of the Teaching, be it a short one about how to use a headlamp as a transmitter, or a longer one on the lie of Karma. It can even be a theatrical film which unwittingly shows the teachings in practice.

The information is broadcast into the subconscious minds of the people in the target area and slowly but surely they are brought into the fold. And the beauty of it is they have no choice but to listen. The doors cannot be slammed on us.

And thus we will triumph over all the world.


To Send Dreams of Madness to the World


Uncle Chuckie is at it again.
I’m doing a new experiement and this time I have absolutely no idea how it will turn out. Talk about crazy?
It’s really very simple. Before I go to bed I set up a machine with a picture of myself on the input and a picture of the world from space on the output. Then I just go to sleep and the random firings of my subconcious, dreams I think they are called, are sent forth to the subconcious minds of everyone in the world.
I have no idea how this one is going to turn out but it is going to be fun, and totally random.