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Mahmud the Green Nosed Muslim


I know it’s a little late but…

Mahmud the green nosed Muslim
Had a very shiny nose.
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it glows

All of the other Muslims
Used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Mahmud
Join in any Muslim games.

Then one foggy Ramadan eve
The Imam came to say,
“Mahmud with your nose so bright
Go blow yourself up tonight.”

Then all the Muslims loved him
As they shouted out with glee,
“Mahmud the green nosed Muslim,
You’ll go down in history.”


Justice Does Not Exist


It is time that humanity rid itself of the bronze age notion of justice altogether. There is no justice in nature. If you get hit by a tornado, sucks to be you.

Suffering comes from either natural agency, otherwise known as bad luck as being on the beach when the tsunami hits, or human agency, the actions of others, usually unthinking, but often deliberate and of course the continual self infliction of desire.

Well, we can’t get rid of nature but we can avoid beaches when a tsunami is on the way and take cover from a tornado. We can’t really get rid of desire. There are few Buddhas among us. What we can do is deal with the suffering caused by others and that is not to accept it but to follow the wisdom of Conan.

“What is good in life? To crush your enemies, see them flee before you and hear the lamentations of their women.”

Salvation comes not through acceptance. Salvation comes through power and will to use it. Stoicism is a vile thing.

Seek not justice for you will never find it. Seek the means to impose your will on those who would impose suffering upon you while ignoring as best you can those who cause it by indifference or stupidity.

Such is the way of a happy life.

Cosimanian Orthodox Stuff


Folks think that if you look for the essence of Cosimanian Orthodoxy you should look at science fiction films. They are wrong. The essence of Cosimanian Orthodoxy is to be found in the opening minutes of the 1961 movie King of Kings.

No not the boring Jesus crap. You can fast forward that out and just watch the cool Romans, which is what I do. But it is the opening that really gets it.

It starts with the arrival of Pompey the Great, father-in-law of Julius Caesar as he has just conquered Jerusalem. To the psuedo Biblical entoning of Orson Wells, he enters the temple on his horse and gets off, heading for the inner temple. The priests go “hup hup hup” and form a bearded line in front of the entrance to block him.

Pompey makes a gesture, spears are thrown and the Jewish problem is solved.

Pompey then climbs the stairs, carefully steps over the bodies so as not trip on a spear, and enters the inner temple, where he encounters a veil.

He draws his sword and cuts the veil open and walks through

That is the essence of Cosimanian Orthodoxy.

Peace and quiet returns


The Packers lost! Now, why would I celebrate that?

Well, I’m not really celebrating their loss. I was actually watching the playoff game against the Seahawks and rooting very loudly for them. But, now that the season is over, it is nice to not have to hear about football for 9 months.

Oh yes, the Stuporbowl will still be played, but the Packers are not in it, so who cares? We will be able to eat out that night without fear of the parking lot at the restaurant being full because the bar is. No one is going to be in the bar watching a game that the Packers are not it.

We will not have to put up with drooling idiots on the local news with their imbecilitic “Road to Glory” bullshit. They will cry in their beer one more day and then waste airtime with stories of useless people in Milwaukee doing useless things.

And one must think of all the children in Wisconsin who now no longer have to fear that their parents will sell them for Super Bowl tickets.