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Cosimanian Orthodox


Do not turn the other cheek, nor do we run away.

lightning hits vatican

We strike with a thunderbolt!





The Gates of Hell prevail they will really prevail.

Which of the Blessings of Uncle Chuckie would you deny?

One of the benefits of climate change



Bangladesh drowns in its own shit.

Mind Control


terrorist bitch


With psionics I can make everyone in the country instinctively react this way every time they see a woman dressed like a Muslim.  It is really very simple.

First I put a satellite pic of the US on the witness plate.  Then I take a rate.

Then I put that picture on the output plate and a pic of myself on the input.

All I have to do after that is look at the picture I have here.  The image will be blasted into the subconscious of everyone in the country and with enough treatments people will react with instant, uncontrollable hostility every time they see a woman in a headscarf.

And no amount of stupid vigils, or subway advertisements can stop it.