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Columbus Day 2017. Death to all Indigenous Peoples!


I won’t mince words. I’ve had it with the god damned savages attacking my holiday so this year I’m really going to let them have it. It’s not nice to attack the ancestors of Uncle Chuckie. Uncle Chuckie gets mad and when he gets mad he goes to war.

This is only the beginning.

The project is simple. It requires as follows:

One radionic box.

One satellite photo of a reservation.

One sigil of Glasyalabolas, who incites to bloodshed and murder.

One photo of a bottle of whiskey.

Take the sigil of Glasyalabolas and the photo of the bottle of whiskey and place them on the transmittal plate of the instrument.

Set the rate.

Place the photo of the reservation on the receiving plate.

Hit the amplifier and let it run.

Let the fun begin and this time let us finish the job.

More to come.