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Happy Birthday to Me


Ah, what a wonderful anniversary of the birth of the greatest mind the world has ever seen. First I got the new laptop I’ve been needing forever and then Donna and I went out to dinner.

There is a wonderful, German restaurant in Waukesha, Weissgerber’s Gasthaus, and we had an appropriately wonderful meal. I had weinerschnitzel and she had a sampler plate, with a bunch of stuff which will feed her for several days. But more than the food, the environment was delightful. It is an old-fashioned place, with lots of dark panels and a huge, paned window in the main dining room, with paintings overhead and a large head of a large moose over the window. A civilized place for civilized dining.

So here I sit in my beat-up old chair in the living room, surrounded by the god-awful mess we live in, typing on my new laptop, resting on my lap next to my overstuffed belly.




Another Survival Day has come and nearly gone. It is hard to believe that it was eight years ago that at this time I was unconcious and dying.

So much has happened since then it is like a lifetime ago. But on this day, I look out the window and shout to the Universe that it hit me with its best shot and I won.

Gay Marriage again


I don’t know if support for Gay Marriage can be considered a conservative position but I can certainly see conservatives finding reasons to support it if that is what they wish to do.

I was in mid adolescence when the Sexual Revolution hit and a young adult when it ended and I certainly found both pleasure and love in it and if I am mystified by the claims that it produced neither it is because my personal experience was so much to the contrary. And make no mistake, it was a very real revolution. When it hit the arguments against non-marital sex were the same as they had been five years before, but they were about as effective as an army equipped with flintlocks would have been against nuclear weapons. My point is that in the face of the force of the SR, nothing could hold. And nothing can reverse it because there is no way to bring any force to bear that can.

And that changed the culture. In 1963, a psychologist could write in a preface to a book that the purpose of sex was procreation. Now he would be drummed out of the profession.

All of the bastions against hetero sex fell, demolished as thoroughly as the statue of Ozymandias and SSM is the lastest offensive in what seems to be a mopping up operation. And the opponents of SSM really do not realize that arguments do not matter in this. It is not about reasoned argument. All of the reasoning in the world cannot stand against the simple statement of, “We want it, we are going to get it and you will not stop us.” Ours is not an age of reason. It is an age of brute force and reason is a weak weapon against it.

As a culture we have learned that we can make up things as we go along because there is no force powerful enough to stop us. That is our reality.