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A night at the dungeon


I don’t talk about BDSM stuff here very often, maybe not even at all because it isn’t really the focus (do I have a focus) of this blog.  There is, however, one of my favorite episodes that illustrates the crossover between BDSM and Cosimanian Orthodoxy and here it is.

One night, years ago when we could make it up the stairs, we were at our favorite playspace and I was doing psionic play with our victim du joir.  She was restrained on the other side of the room and I was sitting in a chair just using my finger and the energy coming off of it on her.  The technique, incidentally, is not original with me.  Doc Abrams, peace be upon him, experimented with the basic principals back in 1916 though not in the same way.  The result was rather dramatic and every watching was doing the usual oohing, aahing and “What the hell is Dagger doing?”  (For those who don’t know, my scene name is Daggerdom.) Anyway, after we were done we went back to sit in the lounge and the conversation found its way to the usual paranoid, psuedo-legal garbage that BDSM folk tend to get worried about for no good reason.  (Is there a reason doms tend to be chicken-shits?)

Well I was poo pooing the whole thing as being utterly silly and paranoid and the person who was leading the paranoia chorus turned and asked me what is probably one of the stupidest questions that I have ever heard.  “What will you say when you stand before a judge?”

Now remember, this moron was asking Uncle Chuckie this.

I looked at him, sneered a great sneer, chuckled and said, “Nothing.”

“What do you mean, ‘nothing?'”

“Just what I said.  Nothing.”

Well as the poor moron sat there I continued.  “You saw what I was doing in the other room.”

“Yes.  What has that got to do with anything.”

“Imagine that being aimed at the prosecutor’s heart.”

A stunned, cliched silence fell over the room.  It is rare in my life that I have seen such a look of sudden, complete terror as he realized that I was deadly serious.  Hey dumb dumb.  You just looked into the Eye of Sauron.  Like what you see? You just saw a lethal weapon that is undetectable. We are not afraid for a reason.

The coward cringes in the mere presence of the fearless.


Just Another Brick in the Wall


We hear today that the traitorous filth who infest Congress have decided to ban using Federal money to keep out the criminal aliens who are infesting our land like vermin.  Well, I’ve got news for them.

There is going to be a wall!

It won’t cost a penny but it will more effective than any concrete fortification.  It will be a thoughtform, a very big thoughtform that will cover the whole US/Mexican border and when it is completed no alien who crosses into this country illegally will live.

That is the good thing about using psionics.  Anyone coming in legally is welcome.  The thoughtform will not harm a hair on their heads.  But–if they harbor a single criminal thought, the thoughtform will swoop down on them and attack them.

We can do this thing.  We will do this thing and no politician can stop it.

Thus says Uncle Chuckie.