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I’m OLD!!!!


Yes, I am now officially and legally old. It’s 65, the milestone year that marks one has having wisdom and the right to be a total ass because I’m old to be one!

Ah, what a life it has been! A life of magick and miracle, of destruction and joy.

And I’m not dead yet! Next stop, immortality!


Survival Day!


Twelve years ago my body tried to kill me, it failed.

So here I am, immortal until proven otherwise.

When it does not work try something that does


Here we go again. 

Police in Missouri shoot an unarmed black kid.  And as usual there are the mass protests that turn violent giving police an excuse to be more violent in response and everyone else a chance to say, “See, the kid had it coming.”

And then we get the predicatable and boring business about racism because the folks who use that have not figured out that racism is so last century and no one gives a damn about it.  They just say, Who cares?” and hit the mute button.

And the black folks just can’t get it through their thick skulls that their tactics do not work!

Protests only move people to resent the protestors and ignore their message.  No one outside of their community cares. 

And when the idiots decide that this is an excuse to riot–well, then guess what, the response becomes, “One got killed?  Good riddance!”

But it gets better!  They honestly think that they can guilt people into caring by yammering about slavery.  NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT SLAVERY!  No one cares about history. 

Get the idea that something is not working?

Look at the problem.  The problem is that police operate under the assumption that they can kill young black men with impunity.

So the problem is to deal with that.  And it is obvious that mass protest is counterproductive.  It actually encourages the police because they know that the majority community is not going to care if black folk get killed and will respond to the protests by being happy that they are being killed.  You are fighting the system on the system’s terms and you cannot win that way.

They need to find a different tactic.  So here are my suggestions.  They are what white folks do and they work.

First.  No mass protests.  They accomplish nothing and always backfire.

Second.  Target the individual officers, not the whole police department.  It is much more efficient.  The filing of the civil rights suit is only the beginning.

Third, once the suit has been filed, start a media campaign against the individual officers. 

Fourth, start an investigation of the records of the individual officers.  Demonize them as individuals.

The goal is to destroy the lives of the individual officers and their families. 

If this is done successfully, the department will settle the case out of court.  And a precedent has been set to deter such things in the future because even the dumbest cop knows the blue wall of silence can’t protect him against this. 

This is the tactic that works.  You will achieve your end without making yourselves look like a menace to public order and you will do it within the law.

This is all I have to say about Palestine


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