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Happy Birthday to ME


There is something about turning 66 that is very uninteresting. It is not considered a great milestone like say 65 was. Still, having lived 2/3 of a century now is longer than living a half century and that was a big deal when it happened.

So I had a nice, quiet birthday, sorting through the ten thousand or so birthday messages on facebook (I’m exaggerating a little, I think) and going out to supper. Nothing spectacular this year. I’m too old for spectacular.


Win 10? NO!


Well, it’s been two weeks since Windows 10 went public with great fanfare and kissing of Microsoft’s furry ass by the tech writers. Oh yes, they did sort of notice the little matter of the mandatory downloads, but hell, users are too dumb to be trusted with their own machines, aren’t they? And there are all these testers to make sure bad ones don’t get out. Right!

And now they sit hoisted on their own traffic cones.

Look, if someone were unlucky enough to be stuck with Windows 8, anything would be an improvement. Balmer’s Folly was a nightmare that no sane person even looked at. 8.1 improved, er, improved…


So now the lastest monstrosity to come out of the Microsoft Zombie Works–Windows 10. “We will control you computer and your data whether you like it or not!”

Well no, you won’t.

I have no use for a different browser than Firefox. Edge can fall over the edge for all I care and Bing is just, well, binged.

My only response to Cortana would be, “Cortana, shut the fuck up.” I don’t want my computer talking to me.

Whatever tiny performance improvements Windows 10 may bring are not worth the bullshit that comes with them. I’m sticking with my Windows 7 machines until they die and then I’m going with Linux.

Microsoft can take it’s subscription model and shove it up its corporate ass.

So I was sitting


in the mess I call an office having a nice chat with Andras, my favorite demon and old friend. We were talking about the damned fools who have found their way into radionics and in particular the followers of one particular fool who were something of a nuisance and an embarrassment. So I said, suppose we infect their machines with your staff and make things interesting for them, as well as using their work to power mine?

Andras laughed, he does that, and said, “Well, this is sort of out of my field, let me call Bartzabel. He likes that sort of thing.”

Next thing I know Bartzabel is standing there and the office is getting a big crowded. “Uncle Chuckie!” he said. “I’ve wanted to meet you for centuries.” This was an obvious reference to knowing the future.

Anyway, the pleasantries over, we discussed a project of putting a demon into the orgonite of everything made by the members of the cult in question so that not only would they get into all kinds of trouble, I could draw on the energy of their intentions and reprogam it to power mine, leaving them with, well, nothing but the silliness of their ideas.

It has proven to be one of my better ideas. It is good to have staff that can get things done.